DJ UCH Talks Favorite Beats in Exclusive Interview

New York City based DJ Uch began his career as an entertainment reporter chatting with names like David Guetta, freestyle icon Judy Torres and Kaskade. After being around artists for a bit, Uch dove into the industry in 2004, landing his first DJ gig at a tequila lounge in Elmhurst, Queens. Since then Uch has gone on to DJ at clubs around the world. We caught up with DJ Uch to talk current hot tracks to mix, music inspiration and Kayne West. Check it out in our interview below.

What are your favorite songs to mix right now?

I'm really loving the deep house revival that the UK has enjoyed over the last few years, so I'm playing a lot of that and loving it. There's a song by Gorgon City called "Ready For Your Love" that is a gem. I also love the new remix Disclosure did of "F For You" with Mary J Blige, it totally gave the song new life. I'm also playing one of my own new songs called "Love You More" featuring Larisa because it's just a solid dance-pop love song, I feel so good hearing it.

How do you decide what you're going to play at a fashion event?

For me, what to play at fashion events really depends on the vibe of the people throwing the party and the clientele which they serve. Fortunately, fashion events tend to draw a trendy crowd that can vibe with different styles of music and not the obvious chart hits. I think a good groove mixed with some recognizable tunes is all you need for a fashion event to go off well and get the models moving.

Is there one artist you won't play?

I can't say there's an artist that I won't ever play. If it makes sense to me and I know it fits the vibe I'm creating for the evening, then I'm all for it. Good music is good music to me, I try not to begrudge particular artists, what's the fun in that?

Who are your main style inspirations in the music industry?

I think Kanye West has set the bar pretty high stylistically in the music industry. Here's someone receiving so many accolades, making a ton of money, and could easily shut his mouth and stay conventional to keep the gravy train going. Yet he does the total opposite, musically and stylistically, and I really do admire that. At the end of the day it's fulfilling to win by being yourself. I wouldn't say that I aspire to dress the same as him, but I do identify with the unwavering desire to be himself in the public square.

Where do you like to shop?

I'm really an "in & out" shopper: I know what I need ahead of time, I go in to purchase, and leave as quickly as possible. I find myself in mens shops mostly because they are the most conducive to that style of shopping! I can pick up a few jackets and ties in pretty short order there. As far as big name stores, I do find myself in H&M and Macy's the most, but I try to avoid crowds when shopping, huge pet peeve of mine.

Who is your favorite designer?

I think Ralph Lauren is pretty classic and the quintessential American designer. It just occurred to me while answering this that I've been wearing his stuff since high school so I've pretty much been buying his clothes my whole life!

What are your five must have fashion items right now?

My 5 must have fashion items right now are (1) good footwear because I'm always on the move (2) a cool pair of jeans (3) a neck tie (4) a pocket-size bottle of lotion to make sure my skin is on point on the go (5) confidence

What are your 5 tips for dressing for a hot night out?

1 - Be comfortable! It's so obvious seeing people from the dj booth who are playing dress up and seem completely out of their element. If the heels don't fit or the suit is ill-tailored and it makes you feel less than yourself, change it before you leave the house because it will affect your night

2 - Be yourself! It's ok to try new clothes and new looks out for a change of pace, but I do feel it all has to be organic. If you're playing dress up for fun then it should actually be fun. If it's a chore, it will read on your face and your body language that you don't feel like yourself. Be fashionable but be yourself.

3 - Color Coordination is timeless. Now, I'm not saying wear "kelly green everything!" but simple color and tone coordination pulls a look together nicely. Subtlety goes a long way because it looks effortless and that's always a plus

4 - Smile. It will cost you nothing and make you the center of attention in a good way.

5 - Own It. Before you leave the house on a night out, you've got to look in the mirror and think "Damn, I am hot!" That will truly make your night. Any great fashion moment starts from confidence before anything else. Even if you know what you're wearing may cause a stir, raise an eyebrow, and irk a few folks, you've got to OWN IT. Confidence is the suit that precedes our birthday suit because it comes from within and it radiates, big time.

What are your five favorite things to wear right now?

I always like a smart look when I'm spinning a party, so my 5 favorite things to wear at a gig are (1) a slim tie (2) a nice jacket (3) a cool pocket square (4) a comfortable dress shirt (5) a nice pair of sneakers because I'm on my feet all night!